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Short-Term Finance

[vc0413 013 654_column_text el_class=”lead”]The need for short-term finance is often urgent and unexpected. Financier Capital has extensive experience in sourcing short-term finance solutions for borrowers. We understand that speed is critical and that in most circumstances, a borrower is time restricted and unable to wait for a traditional lender to undertake due diligence and provide an unconditional finance approval.

Our database of private lenders solves this issue and often results in fully funded short-term finance solutions within days, not weeks. At Financier Capital we deliver prompt, customised solutions to help you expedite urgent settlements without the cost of delays. With quick approvals and turnaround times, flexible loan terms and highly competitive rates, we make it possible for you to get the funding you need – fast.[/vc_column_text]

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Fast & Flexible Short-Term Finance Solution

We specialise in securing fast and responsive short-term finance for residential, commercial, industrial and retail developments around Australia. While traditional lending options typically require borrowers to wait several weeks for approval, we are committed to providing rapid funding with approval given within days, to prevent costly delays to your project.

Short-term finance is key if you need to:

  • Finish a development
  • Refurbish a property
  • Buy property at auction
  • Purchase property that would not secure a mortgage with a traditional lender
  • Cover a shortfall of funding between buying and selling property
  • Raise the deposit for purchasing property

Our competitive finance solutions are tailored to your circumstances and investment to deliver the most valuable results. If you need to raise finance quickly, Financier Capital can offer efficient solutions for your most time-sensitive settlements.

The Advantages of Short-Term Finance

Effective short-term finance presents a number of distinct advantages over traditional lending facilities.

Flexible loan terms. Short-term finance options can range from 1-12 months in duration, and can be customised to your needs and project goals. Loan amounts and repayments are also flexible, and we have an extensive catalogue of private lenders and loan solutions to accommodate your unique requirements.

Processed and paid out within days. At Financier Capital we can approve and settle loan transactions promptly, without a lengthy wait for assessment and due diligence. This means that you’ll have funding fast, which eliminates the opportunity cost of not accessing short-term funds for urgent projects.

Secure and fully funded. Our loans are secured against your commercial, residential, industrial or retail property investment, and fully funded to allow you to take advantage of opportunities as soon as they arise.

Simple application process. We pride ourselves on our fast, easy application and approval process. While traditional lenders will typically require you to fill out a significant amount of paperwork and submit financial statements and tax returns, our process is efficient and predictable with approval given within days.

Competitive rates. Our competitive finance solutions make it even easier for you to get the short-term funding you need. At Financier Capital, we are committed to sourcing and securing the most high-value short-term finance options to achieve your most crucial project goals.

Trusted Network of Private Lenders

We have an extensive catalogue of specialist property lenders and private investors, to present flexible and strategic short-term finance solutions for a variety of investment opportunities. Our lending partners are carefully selected for their influential positions and ability to negotiate the best terms and conditions to ensure that your finance meets all your needs.

Every short-term loan is unique and completely customised to your project and individual requirements. With a wide lender network and modern finance solutions, we are ideally positioned to bring you the best financial outcome for your project.

Please contact us on 0413 013 654 or submit our online contact form to speak to one of our expert short-term finance consultants.


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Short-Term Finance Considerations

While short-term finance is a highly efficient and flexible lending facility, it is not intended to be used as a long term funding method and so it is vital that you make a realistic assessment of the cost and terms of the loan, and of your ability to refinance it within the expected timeframe.

Here are some additional points to take into consideration before you apply:

Total Cost

The total cost of the loan may include a monthly interest rate and a prepayment or exit fee, in addition to the loan cost. Short-term loans typically have a slightly higher interest rate than traditional bank loans due to their speed of processing, flexibility and higher risk to the lender, but they are much more affordable for short-term opportunities because of their lower set up costs.

Ongoing Commitments

Some short-term loans will require you to comply with certain commitments for the period of the loan, such as insurance maintenance to protect the value of the asset being secured. It’s important to make sure that you can satisfy these requirements and any other proposed terms of your loan.

Exit Strategies

Exits can be achieved by selling or refinancing your security property, or by the maturing of investments. Having a reliable and achievable exit strategy in place is crucial to ensure you can repay your short-term loan at the end of its term, and it’s also advisable to have a backup exit strategy in place, especially if your preferred strategy is not guaranteed.