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Why Get a Financier Capital Second Mortgage

Financier Capital offer second mortgages to unlock short term lending solutions secured by your business’ property.

We offer second mortgages from $10,000 up to $500,000, usually taken out for a term of one month to a year, with competitive interest rates attached.

At Financier Capital we can secure you a second mortgage on your readily saleable residential, commercial or industrial property or even vacant land today.

Second mortgages can be the best way to inject fast, hassle-free cash into your financial situation.

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How are Second Mortgages Used?

At Financier Capital we are able to secure the best second mortgage rates in the lending industry by exclusively offering second mortgages for business and investment purposes only.

Whether you need short term finance to pay out an existing debt, consolidate multiple debts, pay a default judgement, cover unexpected costs, attain working capital, buy equipment, or pay outstanding tax liabilities, we can help.

Provided your second mortgage is for business or investment purposes that don’t involve purchasing, renovating or improving residential property, Financier Capital will find a lending solution for you.

How Can I Repay My Second Mortgage?

Everyone’s borrowing circumstances are different, which is why we offer repayment options to suit your business.Some of our clients have a strong enough cash flow to either prepay their interest at the start of the loan or repay their second mortgage with interest in monthly instalments.

Other clients prefer to have interest built into the loan and payable upon total repayment of the debt at the end of its term.We can also offer some of our clients the option to extend the term of their second mortgage after the initial term has completed, provided certain conditions have been met.

Our second mortgage interest rates will vary depending upon identified lending risks, settlement time frames, the term of the loan, the purpose of the loan and the type of property the mortgage is taken out on.

What Loan to Value Ratios Do Financier Capital Require?

The loan to value ratio (LVR) that will be required to get approval for a second mortgage with Financier Capital will depend upon the type of property the loan is secured on.

Our LVR requirements are:

  • Up to 80% for second mortgages secured with residential property
  • Up to 75% for second mortgages secured with commercial and industrial property
  • Up to 65% for second mortgages secured with vacant land

How Do I Secure a Second Mortgage with Financier Capital?

We have streamlined our lending processes to provide our customers with hassle-free, quick approval.

Obtaining your second mortgage involves four easy steps:

  1. Application: We have simple application processes that require minimum documentation for pre-approval. Financier Capital is able to process your application with just a few basic pieces of information including:
  • The address of the property the second mortgage will be taken out with
  • Details on the security of the property being offered and;
  • Confirmation of the first mortgage on the property.
  1. Offer: After taking your application to the funder we find is best suited to your needs, you’ll be issued with a conditional letter of offer.
  1. Security Assessment: Once you sign the letter of offer, our borrowers will undertake all the necessary due diligence checks to establish an agreed upon property value.
  1. Approval: Once due diligence processes have concluded (usually within only 24 to 48 hours), your second mortgage will be approved and the funds will be released to you.

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Who Can Get a Financier Capital Second Mortgage?

We offer second mortgages to a wide array of businesses with varying financial circumstances. Even if your credit is impaired, Financier Capital will work towards finding a solution for you.

Why Get a Second Mortgage through a Broker?

While it is possible to get your second mortgage directly from a bank or other non-bank lenders, these institutions will not offer you the best rates and terms possible.

When you apply for a second mortgage through Financier Capital, we utilise our pre-existing relationships with our wide database of lenders (many of whom only lend through brokers) to get your loan approved quickly and with the least amount of headaches.

By matching you to the lender with the risk appetite best suited to your requirements we will get you approval for the best second mortgage on the market. Don’t risk wasting your time and reputation being declined by other lenders – call Financier Capital today!

Why Refinance with Financier Capital?

We understand the urgency that often surrounds the need to refinance an existing loan facility. Our relationship with various institutional and private lenders places us in the front seat to ensure your property refinance occurs smoothly and efficiently.

Refinancing with Financier Capital means:

  • Cost Transparency
    No matter who you refinance with, there are some unavoidable costs involved (for example government enforced fees like mortgage registration/deregistration fees). Financier Capital explains all standard costs (application, valuation, settlement, legal and ongoing fees, lender’s mortgage insurance) associated with our refinancing so there won’t be any unexpected expenditures later down the track.
  • Streamlined Process
    Financier Capital provides an easy, straightforward process to refinance your investment property.
  • Multi-Sector Financing
    Unlike other property finance lenders, Financier Capital understands lending needs across a wide range of industries, and can call on an extensive network of lenders to cater a solution to meet your needs, whether they are in the residential, commercial, retail or industrial sector.Whether you need a refinance for a stand-alone property or a proposed property development, speak to Financier Capital today about our property refinance solutions today.
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