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Business Cash Flow and Invoice Finance

Financier Capital’s strong network of investors places us at the forefront of competitive receivables funding. Our unique business cash flow and invoice finance solution gives you the supplier the chance to accelerate growth, without compromising your balance sheet.

Our innovative solutions are non-recourse and rely on the strength of the debtor. No factoring, no bank loans.

By acquiring immediate working capital in the form of strategic invoice finance, you can overcome cash flow constraints to enhance your position and utilise it to grow your business. At Financier Capital we are dedicated to delivering uniquely tailored and high-value finance solutions to improve your cash flow and allow you to maintain complete control over your business.

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Industry Tailored Finance Solutions

Our competitive and efficient business cash flow solutions are tailored for big industry including mining, logistics, export and agriculture.

If you are experiencing rapid sales growth that is constraining your working capital, or have to pay wages or other expenses before you’ve received your outstanding invoices, our flexible invoice finance can help you enhance your cash flow position based on what you are owed by your debtors.

It provides immediate funding on outstanding invoices and enables businesses to fulfil more orders, purchase additional stock, pay suppliers in return for early payment discounts, and take advantage of new business acquisition opportunities as soon as they are presented.

This finance facility is most suited to businesses with trade receivables and an annual sales turnover of $200,000 or more. It is also a good fit for your business if you:

  • Have rapid sales growth
  • Sell tangible goods or services
  • Trade profitably, or can demonstrate emerging profitability
  • Have credit terms with trade debtors
  • Are fully borrowed against fixed assets
  • Regularly exceed your current overdraft limit
  • Have most sales not on consignment, or ‘sales or return’

Please contact our professional invoice finance consultants to discuss your specific business cash flow requirements by calling 0413 013 654 or by filling out our online enquiry form.

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The Advantages of Business Cash Flow and Invoice Finance

At Financier Capital, our innovative invoice finance solutions can provide your business with immediate working capital to release your cash flow from outstanding invoices and accelerate growth.

It can also deliver a number of other key benefits:

Grow your business without bricks and mortar. Unlike bank lending, this finance facility allows you to grow and fund your business without real estate security. This minimises risk and makes your security available to be utilised for other purposes, as well as offers a significant advantage in an environment of decreasing real estate valuations that can negatively impact traditional overdraft facilities.

Improve your cash flow. With an improved cash flow position, your business will be able to save time and money, and take advantage of early payment discounts from suppliers and creditors. A better cash flow can also result in increased profits and greater confidence in future business planning.

Receive cash immediately. You can immediately access between 75-90% of the cash locked up in receivables to boost your working capital, accelerate your business growth and add value to your daily operations. This gives you the ability to quickly access necessary funds for sales growth, mergers, acquisitions, management buyouts, succession plans and other opportunities as soon as they arise.

Manage seasonal and other cash flow fluctuations. If you regularly struggle or are unable to meet large orders or seasonal peaks, our effective business cash flow and invoice finance solutions will provide you with the capacity to cover unexpected demand.

Flexible funding that grows with your sales turnover. As one of the most flexible funding options available to businesses, invoice finance leverages your sales so that the amount of available funds increases with the value of your outstanding invoices, and can continue to increase with your sales turnover. You will continue to be supported with a funding limit that grows in line with your business.

Successful Trading Without Factoring

Unlike factoring, Financier Capital’s business cash flow and invoice finance options are a confidential solution. Your customers won’t know that your outstanding invoices are being borrowed against, as payments continue to be made payable to you and you continue to be responsible for administration and managing client accounts, which allows you to maintain your relationships with your valued customer and client base.

Securing our flexible invoice finance solutions will mean that there will be no change in the way you deal with your customers. While factoring is disclosed to your customers and requires you to hand over control of your sales ledger and debt collections, our strategic business cash flow finance options are designed to have no effect on your day to day dealings with your customers so that your business relationships remain the same.