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Financier Capital specialises in originating tailored finance solutions for commercial property investors.

Our approach to commercial property finance utilises our extensive network of lenders to provide finance solutions that offer our clients commercial property loans with features tailor-made to suit their unique finance needs.

Our access to capital enables us to offer a variety of finance solutions from low fixed term loans through to high leveraged products.

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Advantages of Financier Capital Commercial Property Loans

Each member of our network of trusted lenders has their own target market, risk appetites, funding sources, products and pricing. Financier Capital matches these lenders with borrowers to accommodate to each of our client’s unique commercial finance needs.

At Financier Capital we tailor finance solutions for a wide range of clients, including:

  • Start-up businesses.
  • Low risk commercial property investors.
  • Highly-geared commercial property investors.
  • Corporate borrowers.
  • SMSFs
  • Developers

By selecting a lender that specialises in the type of commercial property loan you need, we help you negotiate lending terms from a position of strength and help you significantly improve the likelihood of being approved for a loan on the terms you need.

What are the typical features of Financier Capital Commercial Property Loans?

Financier Capital can combine multiple commercial property loan features to create a finance solution tailor-made to fit your business requirements. Our loan features include:

Flexible Loan Terms

Financier Capital will negotiate with you to find a loan term that suits both parties.

Interest Only Options

Interest only repayment options are available for fixed time frames on some loans types.

Interest Rate Types

Variable rate loans, fixed rate loans, flexible rate options that allow you to repay larger amounts on your commercial property loan when you experience a period of economic growth, split rate loans and loans that enable you to switch between variable or fixed rates are all available.

Offset Accounts

Transaction accounts linked to your investment loan are available on a case-by-case basis

Line of Credit (LOC)

Line of credit options are available.

Capitalised Interest

Capitalised interest is available for commercial property loans involving development or land sub-division finance.

Access to Redraw Facilities

Low or no cost redraw facilities are an additional feature that’s available with a range of our lending solutions.


Should you relocate your investment to another property, loan transfer features are available.

How does Financier Capital assess Commercial Property Loan applications?

In Australia, with the exception of residential investment mortgages, loans that are used for business or investment purposes are not regulated by the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act.

Acquiring a commercial property loan involves more risk to the borrower than making a residential purchase, and because banks have significantly greater freedom in deciding their commercial property lending policies they are known to be ruthless when it comes commercial loan assessment.

That is why it’s important to procure commercial property loans from a trusted lender with a strong reputation.

At Financier Capital, we assess your loan options based first and foremost on the loan’s purpose, which could be:

  • Investment (low risk): To buy or take a second mortgage on a commercial property for the purpose of leasing to others
  • Owner occupied (medium risk): To buy or take a second mortgage on a commercial property for your own business to lease or occupy
  • Working capital (high risk): To finance the routine operations of your business or provide solutions for cash-flow deficiencies
  • Other purposes: All other commercial, business or investment purposes are assessed on a case by case basis

Full disclosure of the purpose of your loan is an essential part of the commercial property loan application process.

Is your commercial property loan for a standard security or specialised commercial property?

Commercial property investments have the potential to provide businesses significantly greater rental returns than residential property investments, but as with any asset class, commercial property loans present some risks to the investor.

Financier Capital evaluates all the risk factors involved with your commercial property investment to help you determine what the right finance option for your business is.

The first step we take towards evaluating the different lending options available to our clients is determining which security type your potential investment falls under.

Standard security properties with a wide, multi-use appeal, a good location and the appropriate commercial, industrial or mixed zoning are considered lower risk options and have a wider range of finance options available.

Properties specially designed for a single purpose present a higher risk to lenders, as they are more difficult to value and sell.

Refer to the table below for examples of standard and specialised property classes:

Standard Commercial Property

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Shop fronts
  • Retail space

Specialised Commercial Property

  • Accommodation
  • Aged care centres
  • Car yards
  • Child care / preschools
  • Farms / other rural properties
  • Function / reception centres
  • Land subdivisions
  • Petrol stations
  • Property developments
  • Pubs / hotels / taverns
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping villages / centres

When borrowing from a bank, specialised commercial properties may require a secondary use evaluation as part of a more in-depth loan application and risk assessment process. Banks may also require substantial deposits to secure a specialised commercial property loan.

At Financier Capital we employ a range of different income verification methods, depending on the borrower’s circumstances, to streamline borrowing processes for all of our clients.

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Income verification

Because Australian law does not require a borrower to prove that they can afford a commercial property loan, at Financier Capital we employ several income verification options including:

  • Full doc: This is a standard “full documentation” loan application that requires you to provide full financial statements.
  • Lease doc: For a “lease documentation” loan you’ll be expected to confirm that the income from the lease is greater than the interest repayments required.
  • Low doc: A “low documentation” loan is designed for self-employed clients and small business owners. This option requires you to provide partial income evidence such as an accountant’s letter, bank statements or business activity statements.
  • No doc: No evidence is required for a “no documentation” loan.
  • Forecasts: You may be required to produce profit and loss forecasts demonstrating that this commercial property loan will enable your business to create additional income sufficient to meet the repayments.