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By combining our highly specialised skills and industry experience, up-to-date knowledge of the Australian property market and extensive network of trusted lenders and private investors, we are able to structure complex finance transactions for your investment goals. At Financier Capital, we are committed to bringing you the right financial outcome for your project whilst delivering exceptional value.
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Smart Finance Solutions

We provide a range of effective finance solutions to keep your project on track, including property finance, development and construction finance, short term finance and business cash flow finance. You can find more information about each of these services below.

Property Development and Construction Finance
Fast track your development with our efficient property finance solutions for construction in all sectors of the Australian property market including residential, commercial, retail and industrial developments, as well as mixed use development and land subdivisions. By covering site acquisition, operational works, construction and residual stock finance, our innovative property development and construction finance options will allow you to get your project completed sooner.

Investment Property Refinance

We are ideally placed to provide smooth and efficient refinancing of an existing loan facility to allow you to invest in residential, commercial, industrial and retail developments in the Australian property market. Our close partnerships with various institutional and private lenders ensures access to a range of flexible property refinance solutions for both stand-alone properties and proposed property developments.

Commercial Investment Property Finance
We provide tailored and competitive finance options for your investment in Australian commercial property, including hotels, resorts, offices and business parks, and aged care. With highly specialised loan solutions and direct access to capital, we can help facilitate all commercial loan transactions and can offer a wide range of finance options from low fixed term loans to high leveraged products.

Business Cash Flow Finance

Accelerate your business growth with our unique and innovative business cash flow finance solutions, designed to release your cash flow from outstanding invoices without compromising your balance sheet. With our established network of investors, we are able to deliver highly competitive and non-recourse receivables funding solutions without factoring or bank loans.

Short Term Finance
Financier Capital can source and secure prompt and responsive short term private finance to help facilitate urgent, time-sensitive settlements. If you need fast funding for your residential, commercial, retail or industrial development and can’t afford the delays in waiting for approval from traditional lenders, our large catalogue of private lenders and tailored solutions can provide efficient, fully funded short term finance within days instead of weeks.

Why Choose Financier Capital?

We are one of Australia’s leading financiers, committed to delivering innovative commercial and private finance solutions to industry professionals around the country. With a specialist understanding of property development and the challenges and frustrations developers face when securing project finance, we are able to provide effective, tailored funding solutions to help you meet your project goals.

There are many reasons why you should have the experts from Financier Capital behind you on your next investment project. Here are just some of them:

  • Wide range of finance solutions: We are able to provide competitive finance to suit your investment project, as well as innovative business cash flow and short term finance. Working with property developers, project managers, business owners and industry professionals around Australia, we are proud to be able to consistently settle transactions smoothly, efficiently and on the most advantageous terms.
  • Trusted network of lenders: We’ll give you direct access to our extensive network of specialist property lenders and private investors, positioning us as your first port of call and single point of contact when you’re looking for flexible private finance and modern lending solutions. Our influential relationships with these lenders and investors ensures we can negotiate the best terms and conditions to secure you the best possible project finance.
  • Highly experienced finance specialists: We have successfully secured millions of dollars’ worth of commercial and corporate transactions with our smart finance solutions, producing lucrative outcomes for all our valued clients. Our dedicated and knowledgeable finance experts actively participate in complex and highly specialised fields of property development and finance transactions, allowing us to use our exclusive experience and thorough understanding of the industry to deliver favourable solutions for property owners, developers and investors around the country.
  • Streamlined capital management: We can give you the ability to better manage your capital between projects, so that you can do more without stretching your resources. Our competitive finance solutions will allow you to save money, sustain your profit flows and manage your growth sustainably.
  • Fast track your projects: Eliminate delays in the finance process and time-consuming presales requirements with our prompt and flexible property finance options. By leaving the finance role to an expert from Financier Capital, you’ll have more time to focus on on-site processes such as negotiating contracts and organising pre-sale campaigns.

Diversify Your Investments

With our ability to access a wide range of private funding markets and investment opportunities, we can provide private investors and self-managed super funds with short-term investment options and secured returns. As experienced commercial mortgage managers, we will manage your loan on your behalf and partner with you throughout the whole process from approval through to securing your investment and funding the advance.

Private lending has become a highly attractive option for investors as it is a relatively simple way to diversify your portfolio, and produces greater returns on your investment with minimised risk. It can also provide a number of other fantastic benefits:

  • Secured loans and lending process: When you lend on private mortgages, your money is secured by a registered mortgage against the borrower’s property and you will receive interest until the loan is repaid. Your investment will be held in your name, with all the mortgage security documents prepared by a specialist property finance law professional. This will ensure your loan is secured and that your money is handled by an expert, while eliminating likely risks and costly legal complications.
  • Flexible loan criteria: You can choose your own loan criteria to suit your circumstances and how much you want to invest. For example, you can choose the type of property you want to invest in, how much money you want to loan, how much interest you want to charge, and the type of return on your investment.
  • Short term lending periods: Investing in private money loans allows you to recover your capital in a shorter time, which means you can protect yourself better against different types of risk and the overall risk will be significantly lowered. Our private loan terms range from 6 to 12 months.
  • Many opportunities available: Private lending presents many available opportunities for you to invest in, and low levels of responsibility. We always have a large number of first mortgage investments available for you to select from, all originated by us and secured by premium Australian real estate.
  • Less time and effort managing your portfolio: By leaving the management of your investment to an expert at Financier Capital, you can ensure that your money will be properly taken care of. We work on your behalf and in your best interests, to achieve the highest possible returns.

At Financier Capital we offer smart short-term investment opportunities of 6 to 12 months, with our direct first mortgage investments returning in excess of 10% per annum.

Please visit our Investors page for more information, or contact our commercial mortgage managers to discuss your interest.